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We are a Health Center in the Solomon Islands, based in the Capital City, Honiara.

Welcome to eCall Clinic

You are welcome to come to our clinic Mondays to Fridays, from 9 AM to 8 PM, Saturdays & Sundays 9 AM to 4 PM. Closed on Public Holidays but we can open depending on demand. Our friendly medical staff will assist you upon arrival.

Friendly Clinic in the heart of Honiara

We are located at the Alvaro Building, upstairs, room 4.

Experienced medical team

our team is made up of experienced nurses in family practice, and midwifery. our doctors have experienced in general medicine, and specialty areas such as public health and radiology. We have experienced malaria technicians.

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New Patient

Please, you will be welcome by a friendly receptionist, who will assist you in filling out a registry form, and help you along to see the doctor.

+(677) 231-30

Committed To Health Care Excellence

We strive to provide best patient care

Our team is focused on delivering the best health care through our commitment to our core values;  a quality health service delivery that is timely, personalized and appropriate.

Dr. Lazarus

General Practitioner

Medical Services for Today’s Lifestyle

We Have Most of Your Health Care Needs Covered
Medical Consulting

You will be seen by our friendly doctor who will talk with you for a couple of minutes, and may  examine you, or offer his professional advice regarding your medical concerns.

Medical Imaging

We provide ultrasound scans for pregnant mothers, and general abdominal complains. We also provide specialized ultrasound for breast conditions,  male reproductive conditions, thyroid diseases and diseases of peripheral veins and nerves.

Medical procedures

Our capable doctors can perform day surgery using local anesthesia for procedures such as removing lumps and bumps, abscess drainage, wound repairs, joint aspiration and steroid injections. 

Maternal, Midwifery, Gynae and baby care

Our highly experienced midwife will help you advice and monitor your pregnancy to ensure that your have the best outcome with your pregnancy.


We provide childhood and pregnancy vaccines according to the National EPI Schedule, which helps to protect your child from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Medical Examinations and Certifications

We provide health certification for work  or school requirements. We also offer executive health checks. 

Blood Tests

We provide blood letting for various blood tests such as kidney tests, liver tests, gout tests, cholelesterol, sugar, and full blood count.

Medical prescribing

Our good doctor will prescribe medication to treat you illness.

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or visit us at the Alvaro Building

Complete Care on Your Schedule

Bringing Health to Your Life
Experienced Medical Team

Our team is experienced in providing wide range of medical care that pertaining to family, individuals, corporate and those of international concern.

Point of care Diagnostics

our experience lie in our ability to diagnose various diseases involving ultrasound scan, x-ray, diagnostic procedures and lab testing.

Personalized approach

We focus on personal experience, by an efficient triaging system

Modern Equipment

We have diagnostic equipments in medical imagery as well as lab technology

We Love to See You Healthy

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Alvaro Building
Honiara, Solomon Islands


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