Protecting Human Health

Rural health care is quite neglected!

“Where do I start”?

“My bodies are aching”

“Every day is a Monday”

It’s even so painstaking to simply click at the clinics Facebook page! Let alone read, you own writing…..And this is only few weeks away on a break!

“Is this me”?

“Who on earth write in such a style”?

Few weeks ago I visited my old grandmother in the west, and also to get a break from work.

Imagine how you are so hungry (after not eaten the whole day), and right in front of you, someone delivered a hot BBQ Beef and hot steamy rice.

You had your shaky mouth open and a large forked juicy beef was still maneuvered halfway and stopped, to your dismay. You have to leave you meal and rush to an emergency.

“I know what is on your mind right now”

Like most of our coastal villages with white sandy beaches, it’s my chance to simply let it go, and forget about work, completely.

After a week I haven’t touched the beach, much to my frustration that now turned into a disinterest, and even disheartening.

My arrival in the village sent shockwaves, and the next day after my arrival, I had a whole day of clinic in a run-down brick house built in the early 80’s, and the next few days I was running clinics in various villages.

I may not get all the enjoyment I anticipated for this trip but the trip was fulfilling in that I was able to appreciate the difficulty rural dwellers had in accessing quality health care.

I hope this is not perpetuity after the COVID 19 is over.

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