Why shouldn’t you fear COVID 19 vaccination

Covid 19 Vaccine

Let’s hear it from the babies

As I arrived in my office mid-morning, I overhead someone, 

“He is not worried any more”, in a faint voice (muted by the walls)

“Can you repeat that again”? I said with curiosity, peeking around the corner to see the person’s whereabouts.

“Well you already had your jab while most of us are still undecided on getting the shots”

I giggled quietly, turn around and said, 

“I have important things to attend to, than having to worry about getting vaccinated”.

As I walked away I could hear mumbles….getting vaccinated or not…worrying about the human traffic at the vaccination center…don’t want to miss out…..or forced to getting the Sino vaccine.

Earlier at the coffee shop, the staff were uneased,

I was wondering what was going on, so I stopped to ask. They replied, 

“We just sent the vaccine people away because no one is willing to get their shots”

And one of them asked me if I had already got mine, 

“Of course I got my Jab during the first week of vaccination”

They were stunned and asked, “Are you okay”?

Well, I am here standing….apart from slight aches and pains….and my own paranoia (that kept me awake all night)…I was back to 100 percent after two days.

COVID Vaccine like every other vaccines administered to both adults and children stimulate the immune system.

The difference between adults and children,

‘Babies cry, while adults complain’

The chance of you getting blood clots is very low 30 cases reported in 5 million injections (0.0006 per 100 vaccinations) – or, 6 in a million. That is one clotting case to every 170,000 vaccinations). 

It’s like vaccinating a third of the Solomon Islands population to report our first case of blood clotting. 

Using statistical calculations, it’s not possible to determine if the vaccine is responsible for the blood clots or it’s merely a coincidental occurrence in people with existing health conditions. 

To make comparisons, let’s start with the risk of developing PE (a form of blood clot) occurring in pregnancy by about 1 in 7000 pregnancies (killing 11 percent of mothers).

Another form of blood clotting is DVT that can affect anyone who travels in airplane – occurring once in every 1544 flights!

The chances of getting blood clots from COVID vaccine are so rare that we can simply ignore it – fear generated from ‘Dr. Google’.

Trust me, you wouldn’t be a baby…the injection is painless….and the body aches…do you have to complain?

Remember, the real thing could be far worse,

It’s simple,

Go get your jab, 

If babies can do it, you can!

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